Should you keep your goals a secret?
Should you keep your goals a secret?

May I ask you a question?


You have decided to set a new goal for yourself

Do you keep quiet about that goal

or do you tell everyone?

I think there are contrasting opinions on this matter

– keep quiet or tell everyone about your goals

In my opinion

I have always believed that you are more likely

to accomplish big goals

If you declare them publicly

Why do I say that?

There are many benefits of discussing your goals with others

such as seeing the goals from a different point of view

or getting useful advices


Telling someone your goals makes them more likely to happen

It creates the psychological effect

And has more likely to encourage you to act to achieve what you’ve set out


When you tell everyone about your goals

Because of your self-esteem you have to try more and more to achive your goals

That’s my opinion

My opinion is different from Derek Sivers

Most of them

According to him

If you want to achieve something, keep your mouth shut

Because that good feeling will make you less likely to do it

He also showed that

“The repeated psychology tests have proven that telling someone your goal makes it less likely to happen.”

“You get the psychological satisfaction of accomplishing the goal without having to actually do the work.” He said

The mind is kind of tricked into feeling that it’s already done

And because you’ve felt that satisfaction

You’re less motivated to do the actual hard work necessary

This goes against my thinking


I want to say that

Keep quiet or telling someone about your goals is not the most important issue

when you want to achive it

It’s only personal opinion of mine, of Derek Sivers

The most important is you have to make an effort to achieve it

What do you think?

Should you go public with your goals or not?

Thanks a lot!




Do you like eating meat?

I don’t like it

It’s not because it’s better for my health , for the environment or something like that

It’s simply because I don’t like eating meat

I thought that

I just knew about health problems and environmental destruction associated with meat-eating

when I watched the speech“Why I’m a Weekday Vegetarian” by Graham Hill

He said that

“Environmentally, meat, amazingly, causes more emissions than all of transportation combined: cars, trains, planes, buses, boats, all of it.

And beef production uses 100 times the water that most vegetables do.”


Do you know eating a mere hamburger a day can increase our  risk of dying by a third?

I think for people care about their health, they can cut back on eating meat

But for meat lovers, it can be hard to make the change

Graham Hill created a simple solution for how we can cut back on our meat consumption and live a healthier lifestyle.

You can and should become a weekday vegetarian

It means you eat only a plant based diet from monday to friday

No beef, no pork and no chicken

On saturdays and sundays you are free to eat meat.

So at the weekend, you can still have meat on the table if you like and enjoy it.

If you are craving a burger you can go out with your friends to eat and have one.

But now instead of most likely eating foods with meat 7 days a week

you have cut your meat consumption by more than 70%.

That is a significant change to your diet.

Being a weekday vegetarian is an excellent compromise to being a vegetarian which might be too difficult for some people.

I don’t believe everyone needs to be a vegetarian

But I do think everyone could eat less meat in general.

Maybe it’s 1 meal a week, 1 day a week.

The more we reduce our demand for meat; the water and resources we can save.

Thank you!


tải xuống

When I was at university

I tried to study hard

The theory and practical courses

related to my major– accounting and auditing

I thought that

With an excellent degree

It is enough to find a good job in future

After graduation

I applied in a lot of companies

I couldn’t pass an interview

Both of foreign and Vietnamese companies

I felt nervous

and lost the confidence in myself

My sister’s friend works in Human Resources department

She said that

“Professional skills are necessary for any position

Employers are looking for applicants with soft skills

Professional skills are easy to train for a new employee


It is more difficult to train an employee in a soft skills

(such as patience)”

I lost many good jobs because of lacking soft skills

That is the first lesson about my soft skills


I work for Auditing company

I often have a meeting with customers

I feel nervous

And lost the confidence in communication skills

My manager said that

“ Your knowledge is good


Your communication skill is not so good

Making everything as simple as possible”


My English teacher gave me a lesson

“TALK NERDY TO ME” by Melissa Marshall_ A communication teacher

She sent to all scientists the message

“We enjoy the things you do

Tell us all about you think, in the understandable way”

As Einstein said

“Make everything as simple as possible, but no simpler”

In just 4 minutes

she shared the way

to present a complex scientific problem with audiences.

As you see

From stories about my job application

About my current job

Improving communication skill

in your work and personal relationship

is very important

Two people have equal education

What makes one person better than another

is often the communication skill

Being a great leader

and doing great work are important

but to be truly successful

you need to know how to be a great communicator

That’s all I want to share

Thank you!

How To Start A Movement?


Do you know Derek Sivers?

A famous person with speech

“How To Start A Movement?”

If you used to listen this speech

I’m sure

You used to watch his video “Guy Starts Dance Party”

Yes. It’s so fun!

As you know

This video was viewed

and shared by thousands of people

and it has become an example

of how to start a movement

The video started with a guy who wore no shirt,

danced alone

and did something odd

May be at that time you thought that

“Oh, he is doing something crazy”

“He is making fun for everyone”


He had the gut to stand out

and the ridicule


There was more people who began to follower him

One follower

Two followers, three followers

And finally

A crowd surrounded him

This is the tipping point

They got a movement

The most important is the support of first few followers

It’s clearly about the movement

I will talk to you about my story

About my English class – Liu luoi class

As you know

The most important thing

to correct pronunciation

is mouth shaping

My English teacher said

She asked members of the class

to volunteer to practice the lessons

At the first time

No one dared to volunteer

But after

One person

stood up and got start

His pronunciation was not good

His mouth shaping was not correct


He had the gut to be the first one

After that

The second person

The third person

And more people

Of course

I was one of the first ones who stood up

We got a movement

And I’m proud of it

The final thing I want to share you

If you really care about starting a movement,

You must have the encouragement to follow

And show the others how to follow

If you find obstruction

Try to do something great

Get the gut to be the first

Stand up and act immediately

Thank you!


I have a great MOM and I love her more and more everyday!
I have a great MOM and I love her more and more everyday!

Have you ever said

“I love you” to your parents?

I have never heard

nor said these words ever

with my parents

until Vu Lan ceremony last year

Luckily for me

I had 2 days course

to attend Vu Lan ceremony

I’ve learned many life lessons

during this days

Parents always love their children


They want to do the best for us

We need to listen and love our parents

And we need to communicate clearly to them

Maybe some of you say that

“I say I love you to my parents everyday

It’s very easy

I think there’s no problem

to say these words”

But for me

It’s very difficult

Maybe it’s a challenge for me

And for my family

we don’t say I love you to each other

I think

Some of you might think like me

In my family

we don’t really say ‘I love you’

to family members

We can feel love from each other

but never actually spoken

I love my parent so much…. j

ust can’t say it

But 2 day course

made me change my mind

Some parents are often very strick

in educating children

When I was a kid.

My parent was very strick.

I thought they do not love me

Sometimes I wonder are they my parents?

When I’m adult

I understand how much they love me

They love me by taking care for myself

By giving me to school

By preparing good food

By guiding me studying

And I really appreciate that

After 2 days course

I realize that

I need to say I love you to my parent

And I did that easily

Thank you!



When my English teacher asked me:

“What’s your passion?”

I thought about my current job

– Auditor assistant

And I thought that was my passion


I was wrong

That’s my favorite job

Not my passion

It likes you like law

or psychology

or something

and I like doing accounting and auditing

I am sure

Some of you might think like me

Passion and hobby are the same

But they are not same at all


It’s not a hobby or a dream

When you do what you love

with a normal level

It’s your hobby


when you make a great effort

to do something with strong emotion

that’s your passion

For example, you love to sing

doesn’t mean

your passion is singing

I’ve thought a lot about my passion

I listened many speeches on TED Talks Education

And I realized that

I’m passionate about

Educational and personal development

Educating people

is the most important issue

in the development of modern society

All we want are improving the quality of our lives,

becoming better people,

Achieving more

That’s the reason why

we’re concerned about personal development

Most of parents are concerned about

“How to teach kids well?”

How to build grit in kids?

How to keep motivated for the long run?”

… And something like that

Adults are concerned about:

What is the key to success?

How can be successful?

How to build motivation one’self?

When I was at school

I tried to learn hard only for score,

for excellent degree,

for the pride of parents,

and for a job to earn money

in the future

I thought that

After graduation

I got a job

in Auditing company

I have worked as auditor assistant until now

I thought about my dream, my future

and the responsibility to my family

And I decided to learn English

to get a better opportunity

in foreign company

I thought about my goals

and my real motivate

to achieve them

My English teacher not only teaches me

but also inspire me to learn English

Many speeches on also created motivation on me

to help me to improve my English skills

I realized that

The ability to learn is not fixed

It can change with your effort

and the more important thing is

You need a person

who can inspire you

to pursue your dreams

All our dreams can come true,

if we have the courage to pursue them

Thanks for listening!